Earthworks Contractors

DMD Plant has a wide range of experience in earthworks projects including bulk excavation on housing development, landfill cell builds, cut & fill road excavations, development platforms, ponds, lagoons and reservoirs.

We utilise our own fleet of modern machinery and trained to operatives to ensure we deliver products on time and budget to a very high standard

Earthworks Services

Soil Bund Formation

Bunds & Sound Barriers

A purpose of a bund is to form a stable subsoil. One example of its use is for sound barriers alongside motorways where soil is generally angled and sloped so the bund will contain and fill.

Formation Landscaping

DMD Plant Sub DCP

Formation landscaping is the process of changing the landscape to form new areas for development of lakes, ponds & lagoons. Our formation services include the excavation and removal of earth.

Engineering Cut & Fill

DMD Plant Site Clearance

Engineering cut and fill involves removing ground from one location and filling in another. Ideal for sloping areas or where uneven ground requires a level surface such as show grounds or riding areas.

Capping & Restoration Work

DMD Plant Caping and Restoration

Capping involves installing a plastic or mineral capping / membrane on top of landfill sites. It is generally used where contaminated ground needs sealing off. Restoration works involves adding new soil to enable public access and nature to thrive.

Earthworks Projects