Services Installation

DMD Groundworks provides services installation including laying of concrete pipes, manifolds, fabrication, drainage and water, gas and soil pipes.

A combination of machinery portfolio and skilled operators enable us to provide a wide range of solutions to the services industry. From construction companies to farmers and private landowners, we offer effective and competitive services.

Concrete Pipelines

DMD Plant Concrete Pipes

DMD Plant collects, transports, installs and joins concrete pipelines. Using specialised machinery to transport and lower concrete pipes into trenches efficiently and with minimal impact.


DMD Plant Manifolds

For more complicated installations a manifold may be required for advanced distribution. DMD Plant installs and join concrete manifolds as part of the concrete pipeline installation process.

Bespoke Fabrication

DMD Plant Site Clearance

We provide a bespoke fabrication service to our commercial and private clients no matter how large or small the project.

Electro Fusion & Butt Fusion Welding

Bunds & Sound Barriers

Same principle as the water board and gas mains installation. This is used for landfill, pumping lines, airlines, and high-pressure pipework. Extracting gas from the land back to gas engines and turbines to generate electricity.

Land Drainage

DMD Plant Sub DCP

Providing land drainage services to our commercial and private clients. Trenching, installation and back-fill services for land drainage. Solving saturation concerns for landowners by removing excess water safely and effectively.

Water, Gas & Soil Pipelines

DMD Plant Site Clearance

DMD Plant is a specialist in the installation and repair of water gas and soil pipelines. Our services cover both large commercial installations and smaller private clients. Our services include transportation, trenching, installation, back-fill and repairs.


DMD Plant Man Holes

DMD Plant installs manholes to provide access to underground services. The manholes are installed to meet both legal and project requirements. We also offer a repair and replacement manhole service.