Environmental Landfill Management

DMD Plant has undertaken many projects for the landfill environmental management sector and our clients include large companies such as Biffa Waste Services.

We are able to provide a full-service package to this industry as we have the skills and resources to undertake both the bulk excavation and groundworks services alongside our expertise with gas extraction, liner works and leachate management & control.

Liner Works

DMD Plant Liner Works

A liner is a low permeable barrier that lays beneath engineered landfill sites. Its aim is to prevent toxic liquids from entering rivers or ditches causing water contamination.

Leachate Management

DMD Plant Leachate Management

The management of the liquid that is formed from rainfall on a landfill site. The liquid cannot be discharged in rivers or ditches until it is treated. We lay all the pipework and pumps to manage the process to get it to the treatment facility.

Gas Infrastructure

DMD Plant Landfill Gas Infrastructure

As waste within a landfill site decomposes it generates gas which is harmful to the environment. DMD Plant install the infrastructure to capture and convert the gas to turn into energy.